Buck up America

We’re all in trouble. Life is hitting us hard from recessions, foreclosures, layoffs and debt, t0 MERSA, Cancer, and every other horrible thing imaginable. The artic shelf is melting, our Earth is getting warmer, Iran is continualy posing problems, North Korea is acting menacing, Israel and Palestine are prepping to start WW3…where’s the positive here?

Yesterday I had a meeting – five people, just talking about life, and it was the most eye opening experience I’ve had in a long time.  I think sometimes it’s so hard to forget the humanity in life. We’re all wrapped up in survival mode. Can I pay rent this week, will I lose my job, how can I prove myself? But in essence we’re all the same. I know, no real revelation here but sometimes it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the negative.

I spoke with a financial analyst the other day – a reputable one believe it on not, and he said this recession is dependent on attitudes.  Not to quote McCain’s very “tactful” economic advisor but I think it might be a great idea if we all invested in a little St. John’s Wort and jumped forward. Today I read – No man can be considered a failure if he’s happy. I kind of agree with that. I realize we’ve all been beaten down, ego’s brusied, nerves shot – but maybe this President might actually make a positive difference, and, aside from a few blips here and there, we’ll actually get back on our feet.

But hey, what do I know?


Mostly Pretty

This weekend I met an exceptional lady – the type of person that when you meet them, you know they’ll change your life, and you hope that by the grace of God, you change theirs as well. This woman was a writer in her time. She sold articles to some prominent papers, she was smart, witty, and offered some interesting career advice including a possible title of my first book, “Mostly Pretty” (you gotta admit, she’s pretty spot on). However in the spirit of sharing, here’s the most important advice:

First and foremost she told me I needed to lighten my hair. Lighter hair will make me look snappy and therefore more visual to men. Not sure if I’ll take that into consideration, but you never know.

Travel, travel the world and write about what you’re doing. Write like the explorer you are but be accurate. Remember your excitement will pull through so push yourself to love what you’re doing and make others do so.

Love life, and remember that every good writer needs to constantly push themselves. Everyone’s a lazy writer, but those that work will be able to enjoy life more than even they thought possible.

If you think about it, this advice isn’t all that new or Earth shattering. I mean everyone’s supposed to know that right? But having never really spoken to another writer like that, one who did it solely for pleasure, and still got do much excitement out of it, it really was an eye opening experience. Anyway that’s all I have for now. I’ll see if I can’t channel more of her advice later on – stay tuned.

The Economic Stimulus

I have no idea what’s happening in Washington.  We hear of the bickering, and now $787 billion recovery package is signed into law. What it will do for us and this nation, I have no idea, but what I do know is that this economic crisis, really is everywhere. This is nothing new I know, but it’s true. I think it’s so easy to think, “not me, I won’t be affected, I work too hard, no one has my qualifications”. The reality is, that in business there’s no such thing as personal. Again no real revelation here either, but sometimes it’s so easy to think we’re irreplaceable.

In life we work hard, we think “I can build a career here” and we try like hell to move up the chain, just like everyone else. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t plan for the bumps, bruises, the undeserved lay-offs. And we find ourselves sqarely back at the feet of mercy, divine intervention, or whatever you want to call it. I think that’s America, today’s America. In the world where you work hard and all your dreams can come true, sometimes the nightmares are a little more prevalent.

I know this blog posting does’t offer any relevent insight, recent breaking news, or anything interesting, but it’s been a while since since I’ve last posted and for that I’m a bit ashamed. I admit I was caugh up in what I thought was important, in what I thought would esclate my career, self-worth and even status in society. In the process I admit I lost my journalist nerve and drive to speak my mind, something I swore I’d never lose. Then the worst thing in the world happened, the thing I feared since I started this job – I was laid off. Let go like all the effort, plans, stress didn’t matter. And like the other 600,000 people that lost their job last week, I had NO idea how I was going to pay the rent, eat, or keep my sanity. How could this happen?

For me, this turn in events may have been the best thing that ever happened – I guess we’ll have to see. But one think I do know is that I will never put myself in a position where I can’t be myself ever again. This may be a tough time (boy did I learn the hard way!) but I know I’m stronger for it and I have faith that this nation will be too.

The Transgender Pregnant Male


I’d like to delicately comment on the story thats been circulating the past few days.

I like most people was shocked to hear that a man was pregnant. “Are you KIDDING ME?” I asked a friend. I think the reaction of the general public was probably the same. This unfortunately brings some seriously strong feelings on to the table. For me, someone who’s generally in favor of freedom of rights, speech and everything else…my first reaction was fear. Then I immediately was ashamed.

Once you put the humanity back into the equation I can’t help but to be touched, and here’s why. There’s a couple so much in love that they want a child. You may say there are other options like adoption, surrogates, or even getting a dog, but the fact remains that they want a child, their child. Since the wife of this man had a hysterectomy there was apparently only one option. To get a closer insight I’d suggest reading the article that Thomas Beatie (the pregnant man) wrote for the Advocate.com. In his own words he explains the journey he and his legal wife have taken, the hurdles they’ve jumped and the hardships they know they’ll have to face in the future.

I don’t have children, and am not planning on them anytime soon. But who’s to say what unforeseen hurdles I’ll have to jump through to reproduce? I find it hard to judge this couple, and although it’s so beyond the norm, I wish them luck. They, like so many other couples out there are trying to start a family. It’s an admirable thing to do in most cases.

I have to remind myself that we are all human, and therefore have the capacity to love, and support each other. Anything else is a waste of energy.

Using Fear as a Weapon

I agree with using caution in life. One probably should look both ways before crossing the street, be aware of their surroundings, and even know about the sexual predators in their area. Yes, those are all valid things with which to be concerned.

Should one learn the evacuation route of the city in which they’re living? Sure, fine. Should one be aware of potential terrorist targets? I would have to think that knowledge might not be a bad idea.

BUT I do not think that using that knowledge as leverage is smart nor does it put you or your organization in a good light.

The Boston Fire Fighters Union is sending out 15,000 mailers to the city’s harbor residents. In theses fliers is information telling residents their safety is at risk. Why? Because they (the firefighters) say Mayor Menino does not have an adequate plan for a potential explosion of the large LNG tank. Apparently it says that there are and would not be enough firefighters on staff to subdue the aftermath.

Let me enlighten you…IF the LNG tanker explodes, there will be more than a fire to worry about.

My question is why would you even say something like that? Bring fear into the hearts of citizens who are most likely already aware of the dangers of this?

Why? Because the Firefighters Union is battling for a new contract. Mayor Menino wants to add mandatory, random drug and alcohol testing to firefighters’ contracts without giving them a 21% raise.

Two firefighters died on duty six months ago in an extremely large restaurant fire. One had traces of cocaine in his system, the other had a blood alcohol level of .27. Thats more than 3 times the legal limit to drive in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

And they’re complaining of what? Having their rights to be baked on the job infringed?

So instead of I don’t know, rallying the people of Boston in a positive way they do what? Scare them.

Using scare tactics to get what you want in my opinion is never a smart or noble way to go. In fact, it’s pretty darn low. Granted I haven’t seen the flier (only read reports on the news) but I think the point is still clear.

Top Five Best Adulterer Stories

In honor of Eliot Spitzer I wanted to do something fun.

Now, I am not a politician. I do not hold an office, nor have I ever run for election or campaigned in any fashion… I am not a religious figure and I am not famous. But I think I have enough grasp on politics and life in general to realize that YOU DO NOT MESS AROUND WHILE IN THE LIMELIGHT. How hard is that to understand?

Apparently some people just don’t get it (OR being hypocritical is too much fun).

Ladies and gentlemen I give you Why I Love Media’s TOP FIVE list of best Adulterer stories:


Ich bin ein…Donut???

I hate to do it! But JFK..

Not to ruin his legacy but it can’t be ignored. One of our greatest leaders was an alleged womanizer. Brilliant, revolutionary…playboy. But hey I’ll stop there.


Monkey Business

Yup Gary Hart in his finest hour! The 1988 Presidential hopeful was campaigning like a champ! Then some legislative aid or money grubbing person received a HUGE bonus for a little pic showing Hart with a model on his lap, with a boat named Monkey Business in the background. You can’t make this stuff up folks!


I want to be your tampon…(who says that?!)

We’re all sick of it and most of the British people could care less. But you have got to admit Charles and Camilla had a great story! In love as teens but couldn’t be together :sigh:. Married other people and had a family. Was unhappy But was called “Prince”….GETS A ROYAL DIVORCE! :GASP: and all crap hits the fan. It’s unmistakable this is a great romance. Adultery.. but still kind of cute in a weird, sodden way. Plus we got to read and hear naughty excerpts from their conversations like the quote from above. But just as a side note, if anyone said they wanted to be my tampon…Flattered would be the absolute last reaction I’d have.


Gay is wrong and so is meth…for everyone but me

Ladies and gentlemen, Ted Haggard! (don’t worry I’ll clap for you) Stuff like this eats me up. I understand being torn by homosexual urges. I understand wanting to spread the good word. I even understand wanting to hide, or marrying because one feels its right. BUT COME ON! There’s a limit to the amount of hypocrisies you can commit here!

The influential preacher of the New Life Church in Colorado had a lot of clout. He was interviewed on 20/20 and Dateline. Met and was interviewed by Richard Dawkins, the famous atheist. AND he was in Time magazine as one of the top evangelicals in America! But apparently the only (now forgive me here but I have to do it)…the only Bush he liked was George. The man who preached that homosexuality was against scripture and one should keep their bodies clear of illegal substances…WAS CAUGHT. Doin’ just that folks! Had a gay lover for three years and loved the Meth…


According to John McCain it was Janet Reno and Hillary Clinton (OH!)

Note: Apparently he told someone the reason Chelsea was so ugly was because she was the product of those two women..

But NO as far as we know that never happened. But what DID?

Well according to the Pensito Review, George H.W. Bush had a lengthy affair with Jennifer Fitzgerald, a US diplomat. WOAH! Sources say it lasted over two decades and that Barbara was quoted as saying that her husband didn’t even notice when she stopped dying her hair. But I mean hey what man does? Still the daredevil, skydiving, former prez, in the sack with a British blonde. Sounds like a bad Bond flick….

(Note: Clinton, Craig and Spitzer are too easy…so they just get honorable mention here)

Why I Love Great Propaganda

So for my inaugural post I wanted to touch on something riveting, mind blowing- an all around catalyst of creating conversation. But alas I’m afraid that will have to be on another post. What I do want to talk about are the ad campaigns of our democratic candidates and the potential effects they had on Tuesday’s voting.

Trying to be as objective as possible here’s what I see.

Clinton camp had a great ad, you can’t deny it. “If the phone rang in the White House at 3a.m. who would you want to answer it?”

The very last seconds of this ad give me goose bumps every time (and it’s not because of any alliance or allegiance to a particular candidate). It’s just great propaganda writing in my humble opinion.

Scare tactic? Sure, absolutely! It can’t be denied no matter how hard Clinton tries. But it does get one thinking…who do you really want answering calls like that?

Ads from Obama camp were equally stimulating. However, there was a completely different feel.

Definitely more people and action oriented (I know that’s vague). I saw a lengthy ad based in Texas where a woman spoke about how Obama is open and accepting to all people, just like her Christian background.

Mixing the importance of individuals with a bit of religion. You have to admit, that stuff sells in the G.W. Bush nation we’re living in right now. It certainly worked for Deval Patrick. But apparently not enough.
As most of us know, Clinton took 3 of the 4 states on Tuesday.

And look at the latest polls from realclearpolitics.com:

Thursday, March 06
Race Poll Results Spread
Pennsylvania Democratic Primary Rasmussen Clinton 52, Obama 37 Clinton +15

Interesting outcomes…I love a good battle myself.

From what I understand this will last until June, right into the DNC. Who needs television writers anyway?

On a side note…Bill Clinton, was asked to leave the campaign trail. Is it NAFTA or just that Mrs. Clinton needs to stand on her own…? Comments?